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Scientific Alliances

Scientific Alliances

Membership of Scientific and Professional Societies

The Laboratory maintains a continuous dialogue within the academic and professional spheres fostering a scientific culture, sharing knowledge and inspiring future researchers in the field of nutrition and quality of life improvement.

This culture of cultivating a constant relationship with knowledge generation centers, scientific associations and professionals in the health sector are key to innovation and to positioning the company as a benchmark at a national and international level.

The Laboratory forms a part of the following associations related to nutrition and research:

Scientific and professional societies

  • Members of the FEN, Fundación Española de la Nutrición.
  • Associates of the SEPYP, Sociedad Española de Probióticos y Prebióticos (Spanish Society for Probiotics and Prebiotics).
  • Professional societies in the pediatric, gynecological, geriatric and pharmaceutical fields

Business Associations and in the academic field

  • Members of the Spanish Platform "Food for Life" by FIAB, in the field of Nutrition.
  • Associates of the AINS, Nutrition and Health Innovative Business Association.
  • Founding Partner of AFBIA, Asociación Empresarial para el Fomento de la Biotecnología en la Industria de la Alimentación (Association for the promotion of Biotechnology in the Food Industry).

Relations with Technology Centres

  • Members of the AINIA Technology Centre in Valencia.